LifeStyle: Health & Nutrition

diet 2We are what we eat. This old adage never grows old. Its underlying truth is always youthful and real; whatever you eat is what is assimilated into your body to build the final structure that people see.

Basic nutritional principles can help you achieve a healthful living without much ado. If well implemented, the simple guidelines of a healthful living can save us lots of money we would have spent in hospital bills and the time we would have wasted too in hospital- ‘time is money’.

Some of the basics of a healthy nutrition is the balanced diet taught at the primary level of education. Having the the various components of a balanced diet including: carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and the mineral salts is the beginning of nutritional reform. These however must be combined in a meal in their right propotions with the carbohydrates taking the largest propotion, followed by proteins, vitamins and finally the mineral salts.

Another simple but highly violated nutrition guideline is the amount of food todiet take during the three main daily meals. Healthy eating dictates that you break the fast like a king, take lunch like a prince and finally dine like a pauper before going to bed. However, many people just take tea in the morning and heavy dinners; the exact reverse to the principle.

Finally for today, the third principle of healthful nutrition is not eating between meals. This allows the body to digest food completely and get time to rest before starting another cycle of digestion. It also prevents fermentation of undigested food due to continuous addition of food before the former input is fully processed.

Now you have three basic nutritional principles that you can try out this week and henceforth; to improve your health and adopt a healthy lifestyle.