The Future of Political Elections — Software Elections???

KEIf we can trust a robot with our lives to conduct a surgery on a patient; then maybe we can trust the same technology to conduct an accurate, FREE, FAIR & CREDIBLE election?

Look, a surgery is a matter of life and death; while an election is not. So if the human race can opt to trust technology with their own lives; why not trust the same technology with systems and processes that are repetitive without any direct attachment to human life?

I am thinking of a situation where an advanced elections software is able to use big data analytics by aggregating various data points from all citizens eligible to vote and making a decision as to who is best suited to be the country’s next president. The process takes the whole electoral cycle (5 years in Kenya), with data being being collected over the whole period. The software then uses advanced algorithms to automatically generate the next holders of political offices at the end of each term.  Continue reading “The Future of Political Elections — Software Elections???”