The Economics Of The London Olympics

I just read this and think its worth your eyes too, probably your mind too…….

I never new the real cost of the Olympics until I read this article….just go through it for a wider and clearer understanding…it couldn`t be put any better……..London 2012: Has Money Killed The Olympic Spirit?.


Getting Started At The NSE – 1

We could be doing too much talking about saving and investing in shares but still be missing the point. Do you know the procedure to follow when getting into the stock market and start trading there? I suppose you have no idea at all, or even if you have an idea, it might be a blurred one.

Fear not and don’t feel intimidated, this article is specifically for you and many others out there who maybe curious just like you. But in this case, your curiosity don`t kill you, it gives you life – Financial Life.

This is how the journey begins: you make up your mind that you want to invest to get returns which will enable you achieve certain objectives. You then choose from among the many investment options you have and land on the stocks. What follows? That is where the problem now is, and the solution is just here below…just read on… Continue reading “Getting Started At The NSE – 1”

Energizing The Kenyan Economy – Olkaria IV

What would happen if the whole country experienced a blackout for just a single week?

Think wide and think deep; hospitals, factories and other businesses, government and non-governmental institutions would all come to a stand still. That is even too far, what of you at home? No TV, no ironing of clothes, no computer, no phone, no fridge and the list is endless….

Would I then be right if I said that reliable energy is the central pillar of any economy?

Well, Kenya seems to have realized that, and we are out to actualize the dream of shifting from a low income economy to a middle income economy; the key drivers of this shift that we are betting on being infrastructure and energy. For the infrastructure part, I don`t want to pouch our president of his hard earned legacy; he has made it! Now its time to also do something on the energy sector. And yes, we are on the move…

The Olkaria IV geothermal power project was commissioned by the president the other day. This project is expected to contribute 280MW of power to our national grid. Continue reading “Energizing The Kenyan Economy – Olkaria IV”

It`s Time To Change Your Bank!

A research done by Info Track Harris in collaboration with the Consumer federation of Kenya (COFEK) on the 19th and 20th of July 2012 revealed some very important matters on retail banking. The conference dabbed “Consumer Dialogue” where the findings were made public, was meant to involve the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) and the CBK too, but they turned down their invitation; probably owing to the revelations they feared they would get at the conference.

One of the things that came out strongly is that 94% of the retail bankers in Kenya would like to have interest rates dropped down to below 10%. That isn`t what the banks are willing to listen to as of now; seeing why their umbrella body turned down their invitation?

After CBK lowered CBR to 16.5%, very few banks, actually only five have either lowered or promised to do so soon. The rest, 38 commercial banks have remained silent over the issue and continue charging their clients exorbitant interest rates, some even charging them rates over 26%. Now that is what I call extortion! Continue reading “It`s Time To Change Your Bank!”

The London Olympics Craze

I have been following the advertisements of the London Olympics for quit sometime now and I just can’t stop being amazed! I may be the only one outdated here or something; because for real, the amount spent so far in preparation for this event is just way too much to think of as going to just one event.

They started by renovating their transport system through the upgrade of their railway systems among other infrastructural developments. The stadia were also renovated at costs way too far from the reach of many of us developing nations.

Still on matters infrastructure, they developed special estates for the participants equipped with all the luxury they may need. The media also has its place set aside from where they will be doing their thing. The security department also has their fully equipped central station from where they receive orders daily before deployment to their various work stations in and around the city; all these facilities costing nothing less than a fortune.

The wonder of it all comes when you get to know just what they have in store for the insecurity agents. Continue reading “The London Olympics Craze”

East Africa Securities Markets Inter-link

Heads of stock markets in East Africa and other securities market players had a meeting in Nanyuki last week. Among the many things discussed there was the primary issue of interlinking all the securities markets in the region. But how do this happen and how does it even affect that Kenyan or Tanzanian in the remote areas of these countries?

If you are not into the stock market, you may not immediately reap the benefits of this new move. However, as a potential investor, you need to know what is in there for you from this whole integration thing.

The interlinking of the securities market simply widens the playing field for investors in the East African countries. It enables you as the Kenyan investor to trade in shares of say Ugandan companies easily without undergoing so much bureaucratic procedures. This is made possible through an information sharing system that will avail real-time information from across the board to investors for quick decision making. Continue reading “East Africa Securities Markets Inter-link”

Simple Cost Cutting Techniques – 2

From our last discussion about simple cost cutting techniques, we looked into three ways of cutting costs: walking instead of boarding a matatu, eating from home instead of eating in restaurants and avoiding junk. In this continued series, we are going to further see how we can cut the wings from our money and make sure that it does not fly away from us, no sooner had we even felt it in our pockets.

Talk of talking through the mobile phones and you have most of us youths hooked up, or should I say addicted? The funny thing about it is that, some of us don’t even have a source of income of our own; we rely on our parents` money but still incur higher communications costs than them.

A simple way to go round about this issue is to diversify your communication means. You could subscribe to some data bundle cheaply like for 5 bob and then use twitter and facebook to send your messages home. On the other hand, for a more personal touch, you could subscribe to some free SMS services for like another 5 bob and get communicating all what you want to your recipients. To crown it all, you could then have about 10 bob for very important and unavoidable voice calls. Sounds mean, hmmmmmm!!! Not really, it`s a survival technique for the hustlers. Continue reading “Simple Cost Cutting Techniques – 2”