Choosing a Strategic Business Partner for your Start-Up

imagesIn the past week alone I have had two start-up founders come to me seeking advice on how to get the right strategic partner for their promising enterprises. Everyone wants to be part of a success story and when you the founder have put together a scalable business plan; there will be many suitors who want to make hay while the sun shines before it is too late to get in. Alternatively, you might have grown your business to a level whereby the daily operations are overwhelming; hence you want to bring in a business partner to whom you will delegate some of the tactical responsibilities as you focus on curving out the strategic vision of your start-up. Continue reading “Choosing a Strategic Business Partner for your Start-Up”


Unveiling Trumpenomics: The New World Economic Order

708193Hate him or love him, the 45th president of the United States of America is here with us and he has a gift for everyone. For his supporters and those who love him, you are all “terrific!” and “fantastic!” The rest wait for his “tremendous” tweets coming live and direct through @realDonaldTrump to know where you belong.

Nevertheless, regardless of which side of the divide you fall you will all be served with the same economic policy changes from the man in the Oval Office; at least for the next 4 years.

Continue reading “Unveiling Trumpenomics: The New World Economic Order”

Path To Civilization: The Industrial Revolution Simplified

1800s-steam-traction-engine-tractor-abComing immediately after the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution was characterized by mechanization of production processes, use of new sources of energy and rapid urbanization. The Agricultural Revolution led to increased food production which lowered the cost of food and shifted the focus of communities into demanding other goods and services that could improve their livelihoods. This led to the invention of mechanical equipment to facilitate mass production of goods and services in order to satisfy the growing demand; and hence the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Continue reading “Path To Civilization: The Industrial Revolution Simplified”

Path To Civilization: The Agricultural Revolution Simplified

From Foraging to Domestication

ag-rev-2A trip down history lane reveals that all humanity was once engaged in similar activities of hunting and gathering. Yes, some many years ago depending on which history book you read, we were all hunters and gathers doing what is commonly referred to as foraging. However, due to climatic changes and need for more food for the growing population, human beings started domesticating some plants and animals in order to meet their food requirements. Continue reading “Path To Civilization: The Agricultural Revolution Simplified”