“Scattered Trolleys Advertising” @ Shopping Malls

Today when coming to work I passed past Yaya Centre and found something uncommon.

This shopping mall being in the upmarket, order and neatness is always given a first priority considering the category of clientele they serve. However, today in the morning with all the rain that we experienced yester-night, I was shocked to find so many trolleys scattered all around the shopping mall in all the parking spaces. Both inside the compound and outside the compound, the trolleys lay there rained on and wet; while others had fallen down, probably after being hit by passers-by.

At first it occurred to me that someone was sleeping on their job and needed to be reprimanded. Another thought came to my mind that probably due to the rains, customers had left the trolleys out there in a hurry and the shopping mall staff could not get them back due to the rains.

At the point when I was passing by the last fallen trolley, something hit my mind in a flash; this could had been an advertising strategy. When I looked at all the trolleys which were thirty or about scattered out there, I t occurred to me that there must had been so many customers the previous night doing their shopping here at Yaya. The size of the trolleys being big was also suggesting that the quantity of the shopping done was large.

Being that the trolleys lay all over the place along the path-walks of the people rushing to jobs, it hit my mind that the this could be a reminder to the passers-by that this was the festive season and they needed to do some shopping.

The fact that they were there in the morning suggests that as you go to work, spare some money for shopping in the evening as you come back home so that you also be part of those to leave their trolleys out there in the evening.

The size of the trolleys was also communicating to passers-by that they need to be “loaded” to go shopping there, since they need to buy things in bulk for the Christmas season.

That the trolleys were all over and some had fallen tells you the hurry in which the large shopping was being done; therefore, you should “hurry while the stocks last“. I t also tells you that the shopping mall staff were too busy yester-night that they probably worked till late in the night that they did not have time to get the trolleys back to the shopping mall. this then assures you that you will get served at whatever time you pop in for shopping.

It might had looked disorderly seeing so many trolleys scattered outside Yaya Centre this morning; but again if it did market the services and products provided at the shopping mall in this festive season, what`s the harm with having them scattered out there daily?


Christmas Season Budgeting

Christmas offers are back again and for many, this is the season to spend huge chunks of money on the discounted prices. Probably you might have even written down all the goodies you want to acquire come early next month just before Christmas.
For the child in the village, it might be their once in a year chance to get some “new” pair of mutumba trousers or a mutumba dress. Shoes may be included in the budget; but if the parents` financial muscles don’t stretch enough, they might end up with a pair of the popular “CDF”open shoes which go for as cheap as 50/=.

Christmas is a good season for that village boy or girl because they also get a chance to have chapati on their menu albeit for just a day. A few bottles of soda may pass through their kitchen shelves, though these are meant for the parents and their adult friends. For the kids, their favorite “juice cola” will do for the quenching of their thirst for soda. In the mean time, the lucky ones will be having a nice time struggling with the bone marrow from bones of the  1/4kg of meat bought yester-night.

For the rural folks, christmas might be cheap and though relatively expensive to them, it might not compare with the extravagant experience in the towns and cities. From hosting of unending streams of friends and relatives, to crazy partying in club houses over the weekends, money flows out of people`s pockets so easily and so fast for them to realize that they are overspending.

The new gadgets in the town stalls need guys to buy them and definitely it is the guys in town to do the shopping. The vendors know too well that you are on a spending spree; and to entice you even more they put small discounts on their products to encourage you to spend that extra coin in their stall. The delusion of “cheap stuff” brought by the discounts stealthily creeps into your pocket and no sooner had you woken up from the illusion, than you find your pockets empty.

Massive traveling also forms part of the huge budgets people create in this festive seasons. There is always an aunt to be seen, a long time friend to be visited, a dad to take grandchildren to, a cousin to meet with after five years, and the list is endless. The short Christmas leave given to employed buddies makes it even worse since all these people must be met within that very short period of time.

For the effluent, that is the time to take a vocational trip to some sunny beach or a thrilling wilderness expedition. Here too money is spent generously with with little consideration to budgets.

After all is chewed and swallowed, January comes knocking with fees to be paid and bills to settle. A visit to the bank confirms your worst fears at that time of the year…not enough funds to finance all your urgent and crucial needs. A loan may follow with the accompanying interest costs; so what does all the short-term Christmas merriment reward you with? ….FINANCIAL DISTRESS!!!

Having  good times is all that we want in life and money is meant to be spent. However un-calculated expenditure on short-term merriment might land you in more distress than fun. To avoid this, prior budgeting and sticking to your budgets in this festive season will help. More so, be rational and very objective in your spending and you will never regret.

Unemployment – Cause For Insecurity In Kenya

As I might have said in another article; despite the political reasons given for war, the underlying reason is usually economic. The fights, violence and terror attacks in various parts of Kenya including Garissa, Tana River and lately Easliegh are not exceptional.

Pose to ponder, just why should youths be out in the streets rioting and causing mayhem? One answer covers all the other excuses we might want to give for the same; lack of employment to keep them occupied and to enable them earn a living that will dispel their desperation in their current unemployed state.

This then begs the question; what is the government doing to avert this kind of violence by addressing the root cause, which is rampant unemployment among the youths?

I have listened to many politicians in their campaign trails all promising the youths job creation once they clinch power come 2013. However, am yet to here one politician who has outlined a well  set out strategy of dealing with this menace in practical terms of the act.

Probably even as this issue of insecurity is taking toll in our country, it might be a reminder to our selfish politicians that we have an idle class of youths who need to be kept busy through employment; to avoid having us tear our country apart by our selves.

Inflation @ 4.14%..CBR @11%..What Next?

Inflation rates for the month of October followed a trend that has been in existence since the CBK decided to take the monetary stance late last year. By maintaining the CBR at 18% for about seven months, CBK was able to tame the inflation rates in our economy. Since then, the inflation rates have been easing each month and the latest results for October were no exceptional; falling to 4.14% from 5.32% in the month of September.

The fall of the inflation rates have then been creating room for further reduction of CBR by the CBK. The pressure put on CBK by the very low inflation rates seem to be yielding results; CBK is also dancing in the same rhythm by lowering the CBR. But do this mean for us?

One, money is going to be cheap and therefore there will be more borrowing in the economy. Banks will be willing to lend more to the public at higher rates other than lend treasury at the lower rates. If the latest credit report from CBK is anything to go by, then the rise in private sector lending experienced in the past quarter might be replicated in this last quarter of the year.

More borrowing means there will be more money in circulation in the economy, which translates to higher purchasing power. The higher purchasing power will then fuel demand for goods and services by the consumers. Since the producers and suppliers too will be having access to credit cheaply, they will be tempted to borrow more in order to produce more and supply the additional demand. Continue reading “Inflation @ 4.14%..CBR @11%..What Next?”

If I Were Obama…

“Ladies and gentlemen, blacks and whites, the poor and the rich, we are living the American dream; where men shall be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character!…Thank you all, we are in this together, and we shall always win when we stand together; it`s you who have won not me, it`s all about you the people. Thank you all!”

That would have been my first speech after clinching my second term in the corridors of the White House.

Immediately thereafter, I would embark on building a legacy for myself; just like the man I quoted I my brief speech. But I would do it differently, knowing very well that times have changed and I need to satisfy different needs to the society, for me to leave a strong legacy.

Talk of taking your rivals weapons and using them for your benefit but not against the rivals. I would be-friend my rival Romney and borrow from him his economic and business acumen.

I would then mobilize technocrats in the fields of finance and economics to help me strategize and implement strategies that will see my country out of debt and financial distress for several decades to come.

I would not dwell so much on fighting the intangible terrorist because my first term was more-less about him anyway. I would change tactic, I would leave a stable economy as my legacy.

I f I were Obama, my legacy would not just be tied to being the first black president of the US; it would be about service to the people. It would be about easing the financial burden of the masses at the bottom of the pyramid..

If I were Obama…I would dream economy, think economy, talk economy, walk economy and act like a finance and economics expert..:)

We Don`t Need Money!

“We don’t need money!” I once a told friend and she looked at me shocked as if I had suddenly grown some horns. “What do you mean?” she asked. “What I need is what money can buy for me and not the money itself!” she still looked perplexed and therefore a discussion ensued…

Most of us are caught up in that confusion of what they really need in life; hence they end up pursuing things which do not matter in life. Think about it; you invest so much in all your lifetime. You wake up early in the morning to go look for money and come back home late after getting the money and putting it in the safe custody of your bank account.

You amass great wealth and build a great empire. Your bank accounts now swell by the ticking of the clock and no one can ascertain your net worth since it keeps changing as you breathe in and out. Finally, you get old and sickly, and as fate could have it you die still looking for more and more money. In the end, what is the gain of all your highly-pressured-fast-paced-life in pursuit of money?

Money is good and we want it in our lives, and that is how it remains to be; a want. Money has never been a need and we can do without it. All we need is what that money enables us to acquire; meaning, if I can get that good house in the city in exchange for my ancestral land in the rural area, then I do not need the money at all. If I were to rear my chicken and exchange them for clothing, where would I need money in that transaction? Talk of batter trade and money loses all its meaning!

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