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Africa is Rising!


11 thoughts on “About

  1. I liked your friendly introducing it tells me you want to teach people what they may not be fully informed about or struggle with and that is what I am looking to do as well.

  2. thats very good of you too, probably we can work together and keep the ball rolling until the whole society is well informed about these fiancial and economic matters.

  3. I agree.Financial literacy is lacking there making progress seem like a pipe dream.
    Am looking forward to a resourceful interaction with you Jeremy.

  4. Thanks a lot Newton,..we hope to turn around the financial misery of the middle-class and the low income earners together by unfolding the very easy and cheap rudiments of finance and economics.

  5. Great site, well designed, good info. Will you be updating national-interest issues or it’s a general info-blog?

  6. Thanks for the appreciation, the site is specifically for all matters finance and economics both locally and internationally. However, we share on any other thing of national and international interest on our opinions and news segment.

  7. Information is very important, we fail because we are never informed. Lets pass information, educate, and move the world of differences.

    Nice articles Riro.

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