Debt Financing: Long-term and Short-term debt

deniFrom our previous article on using debt to finance business growth, we concluded with the rule of thumb in debt financing: Never use short-term debt to finance long-term capital investments. The reverse is true. Continue reading “Debt Financing: Long-term and Short-term debt”


Using Debt Capital to Finance Business Growth

debtsDebt capital can be the best way to finance operations in your business venture but it can also turn out to be the biggest mistake you will ever make in your life.

It is simple. Debt is money you do not own that you can use to grow and expand you business then pay back the lender with some interest on top. Continue reading “Using Debt Capital to Finance Business Growth”

Hub and Spoke Franchising – Social Entreprise Growth Model

hubIn the wake of renewed interest in social entrepreneurship in Africa, the next stage for the social enterprises being created every day is to spread their wings. This is in line with the core principle of social entrepreneurship of maximizing the social impact to community through having a wide reach. Continue reading “Hub and Spoke Franchising – Social Entreprise Growth Model”