Just After Campus _ The Village Boy Survives!

SAM_0753Life never hits you so hard till the reality dawns on you that hand-outs from family and HELB are no more. The worst happens when you are assumed to be grown enough to take care of yourself and left alone to survive. The crowds you used to hide in all vanish to thin air like mirage and the cold winds in the desert you are left in start biting painfully. This is the beginning of a new journey: the journey after completing the 8-4-4 education system in Kenya.

Through whichever means, somehow you get a place to be retiring to in the evening every day and some place to be taking a bathe every morning. The sad part is you have to learn to sleep on the floor with a thin mattress compared to your formerly comfy bed in campus. The water has to be used sparingly because the municipality authority does not always guarantee you water every day. Electricity bills are to be paid and you cannot make the worst mistake of trying to use a coil for cooking in this new jungle. Even the electric kettle has to be used with rations per day; not to mention the iron box which should be switched off every time you are straightening the sleeves of the shirt you are ironing.

Life is fast, expenses are high and job applications are reverting with beautifully calligraphed regrets every passing day. Back at home they know their son is grown and mature enough to take care of himself in the wild city; after all he has survived in this harsh world for more than two decades! Back in campus three meals a day were an obvious thing with several interjections of assorted snacks in between. Here things seem to be growing dimmer with strictly the main meals a day being taken; which are now even tending to only two per day.

The clouds are getting thicker, the winds blowing stronger and the waves rising higher; but the son from the village has to keep sailing through. The calm waters are not a far off, and the hope must not die. The hopes and lives of his whole community that he carries in the boat of his life must be secured at the safe harbor. He has no option and he must press on with zeal and enthusiasm regardless of the circumstances surrounding him.

The village hero must keep the promise, the promise to the elders and the whole village community; the promise to deliver the village from the dungeons of poverty to the paradise of equitable economic development. With the faces of his aging dad & mum and his young siblings in his mind; the son of the village sails through the storms of life day after day, onward to the safe harbor. And behold, the break-through is just after a few more huge waves engulfed in thick dark clouds and violent winds; and so, he keeps on smiling.:)