Prioritize your personal economic interests over political rhetoric

images (1)When politics take center stage in our daily debates at our work places, in our homes and on most of our TV shows, the economy suffers severely out of neglect. We live in a country where politicians are glorified and worshiped by unapologetic sycophants and uninformed electorate in equal measure. The end result is a gullible bottom of the pyramid populace, a brainwashed middle class and a carnivorous ruling class.

Our primary interests as citizens

It is common knowledge that we have two categories of citizens in our country; the ruling class and those who are ruled. Majority of us fall into the category of those who are ruled; and in the context of my submission, I will use the word citizens to refer to this particular category of people.

For us the citizens, what we care about and our needs are all aligned in one way or the other; with minimal variations depending on our tastes and preferences, social class and economic status. We all have social needs to meet including the need for nutritious food, quality healthcare, quality education, secure homes, clean environments, decent clothing, leisure and entertainment among others. We all want to live a happy and comfortable life; hence access to the aforementioned social needs is the convergence of all our economic endeavors.

Kenyans are known to be hard working people, zealous in their pursuit for the almighty Kenya shilling and aggressive in accumulating wealth for themselves and their future generations. Most of us however do not take time to consider deeply the fact that after accumulating all the money in this world; it will be useless if you do not use it to meet your social needs mentioned above, to your on level of satisfaction.

If my argument above is agreeable, then we can make a logical conclusion that all economic activities we engage in as human beings are aimed at helping us earn economic profits (read money), in order to help us acquire inputs needed to satisfy our current and future social needs.

Majoring on majors

We the people need to reconsider our priorities and refocus our lenses on our primary interests. If we are able to access and afford nutritious food, quality healthcare, quality education, secure homes, clean environments, decent clothing, leisure and entertainment among other social needs, then for us the common mwananchi our deal would be sealed.

We would then have time to think about arts and sciences as a way to improve our lives for current and future generations. We would then have time to innovate and improve on current technologies in order to be part of the people shaping the future of the world; rather than be perennial consumers of foreign technologies from other parts of the globe. We would then be active citizens of the world; rather than be passive occupants of the planet who wait for decisions to be made and be imposed on them by the “developed economies”.

We would finally have a life, by knowing what our economic and social rights are and claiming them through our elected leaders; rather than glorifying and worshipping the very people who should be serving us.

The economic & social change we all want is not with the politicians, but in our minds. If we changed our priorities from focusing on personalities and focus on the economic & social issues that matter to us, the political game would change in our favor. Politicians would start acting with our best interests at heart and not prioritizing their selfish gains. They would be at our mercy.

If anything, we already have good policies and laws in place; all we need is an informed electorate to push for their implementation.

After all is said and done, for us the citizens (common mwananchi), it is not about which politician has the best arguments on TV debates; rather it is about us living in a socially inclusive and economically thriving society, with equitable application of justice.



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