Should CBK control commercial loan prices?

Depends on who you are and how you look at it.

Customer perspective

As a customer (whether an individual or a business), the lower the borrowing interest rates, the happiedownloadr you should be since you are able to borrow more money at a lower cost. If the bill sails through, then your borrowing rate will drop from the current average of 18% to about 14.5% based on the current CBR of 10.5%. Looking at it from a different angle and going by the current borrowing rates, that will be about 22% drop in your cost of borrowing! Continue reading “Should CBK control commercial loan prices?”


#UNCTAD14 Short Notes – Day 3: @rirojeremy

Unctad.jpgMy day 3 at UNCTAD14 was an exceptional one! I had the opportunity to network with a few very important people whose names I will not disclose for security reasons J

Later in the evening I found one lost friend of mine and also made a new awesome friend too. The stunning moment was having a chat with these two friends (both younger than me) and discovering just how much I do not know on matters diplomacy, international policy formulation and all the lobbying that goes into it. The networking was meant to be a 30 minutes catch-up but ended up being a 4 hours intellectual intercourse on matters international trade & diplomacy, careers and life. I was meant to get home by 7pm but we left the Youth Forum Tent at KICC at around 10pm; intellectually nourished but physically exhausted! Under such circumstances, my client work had to take precedence over this blog which should have been published yesterday. Continue reading “#UNCTAD14 Short Notes – Day 3: @rirojeremy”

#UNCTAD14 Short Notes – Day 2: @rirojeremy

unctad1.jpgYesterday I started with a lot of praise for UNCTAD14. Allow me today to start with a complaint as a typical Kenyan would do: there were so many very important sessions today that I missed half of them because they were running simultaneously and I had to choose which ones to attend and which ones to skip. Next time UNCTAD please DO NOT plan to have two sessions running simultaneously where my favorite topics are being discussed! Consult me first before coming up with the programme (pun intended). Continue reading “#UNCTAD14 Short Notes – Day 2: @rirojeremy”

UNCTAD14 Short Notes – Day 1: @rirojeremy

Kenya was given the privilege to host the 14th United Nation Conference on Trade and Development in Nairobi and they have not disappointed so far. I went for the first official day of the conference on 18th July 2016 and everything seemed to work perfectly well than the normal Kenyan way of doing things.
unctadbadge.jpgFirst I picked my badge from Nairobi City Hall and the process was pretty fast and smooth. This made me think we should call all our services in public offices “International services” so that the level of courtesy and effectiveness I observed at city hall today can be maintained even after UNCTAD14! But that’s beside the point; with my badge well indicated that I am a guest, I confidently walked into KICC without any trouble. The security in and around the venue was well organized and I came across a few security officials who seem to have been lectured before-hand about being courteous and polite. Continue reading “UNCTAD14 Short Notes – Day 1: @rirojeremy”