Path To Civilization: The Industrial Revolution Simplified

1800s-steam-traction-engine-tractor-abComing immediately after the Agricultural Revolution, the Industrial Revolution was characterized by mechanization of production processes, use of new sources of energy and rapid urbanization. The Agricultural Revolution led to increased food production which lowered the cost of food and shifted the focus of communities into demanding other goods and services that could improve their livelihoods. This led to the invention of mechanical equipment to facilitate mass production of goods and services in order to satisfy the growing demand; and hence the birth of the Industrial Revolution. Continue reading “Path To Civilization: The Industrial Revolution Simplified”

Path To Civilization: The Agricultural Revolution Simplified

From Foraging to Domestication

ag-rev-2A trip down history lane reveals that all humanity was once engaged in similar activities of hunting and gathering. Yes, some many years ago depending on which history book you read, we were all hunters and gathers doing what is commonly referred to as foraging. However, due to climatic changes and need for more food for the growing population, human beings started domesticating some plants and animals in order to meet their food requirements. Continue reading “Path To Civilization: The Agricultural Revolution Simplified”

Could a “Marshall Plan” spur economic development across Africa?

download.jpgThere is always that one nagging neighbor who never stops begging for anything and everything at any time and all times. Africa appears to be such a neighbor to Europe and with the growing illegal immigrants flowing to the EU, Germany seem to be leading its peers in devising a sustainable strategy to reverse the trend. Their new plan dabbed “Marshall Plan” for Africa seem to espouse the principles advocated by an old Chinese proverb which says; “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”  Continue reading “Could a “Marshall Plan” spur economic development across Africa?”

Launching your marketing plan successfully in 3 phases

images (1).jpgTaking your competitors head-on and conquering new markets is every entrepreneurs dream. Even more fulfilling is starting your business from scratch to a point whereby it is generating enough cash flows;  to help you afford better living standards including buying a home, get a loan for your car and take holidays a broad among others. However, to get to that point whereby you are operating in a blue ocean away from the murky waters full of competition and limited growth, you will need to meet your customer’s needs better than anyone else. Continue reading “Launching your marketing plan successfully in 3 phases”

Exploring crowdfunding option for start-ups in Kenya

imagesFinancing hurdles have always been termed as the key hindrance to growth for many start-ups in Africa and more specifically in Kenya. Traditional financing options for businesses lack the flexibility needed in dealing with start-ups; hence creating a need for alternative funding options. One such funding strategy that is slowly gaining popularity in the Sub-Saharan Africa is crowdfunding; an online platform where individuals contribute towards funding a common project. Continue reading “Exploring crowdfunding option for start-ups in Kenya”

The Entrepreneurs Who Built America

fordMaybe all we need is some sharp pain to trigger our minds into serious entrepreneurship that will catapult our economic growth rate in the next decade. The other day a very close buddy of mine recommended that I watch a documentary called The Men Who Built America. I do not regret having spent a considerable amount of time from work to sit and watch this documentary. What the documentary teaches you on entrepreneurship is a lot; but let’s talk about what it does not teach you. Continue reading “The Entrepreneurs Who Built America”

Should CBK control commercial loan prices?

Depends on who you are and how you look at it.

Customer perspective

As a customer (whether an individual or a business), the lower the borrowing interest rates, the happiedownloadr you should be since you are able to borrow more money at a lower cost. If the bill sails through, then your borrowing rate will drop from the current average of 18% to about 14.5% based on the current CBR of 10.5%. Looking at it from a different angle and going by the current borrowing rates, that will be about 22% drop in your cost of borrowing! Continue reading “Should CBK control commercial loan prices?”