“Until the lion learns how to write, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”

Once upon a time…

So the tale begins and it ends with the hunter winning and getting all the accolades! The king of the jungle Mr. Lion King is never recognized for who he really is in the whole narrative. The hunter is pre-occupied with manipulating every event in the imageshunting tale to make himself look like the king of the wilderness; while Mr. Lion King is depicted as simply one of the many subjects in the jungle under the mercy of the hunter.

Nothing could be far from the truth though! All the animals in the jungle fear, admire and appreciate the position of Mr. Lion King. He is the king of the jungle and no animal in his kingdom dares to challenge his authority and kingship. When he roars, he expresses his authority and the timid gazelles run to hide, the zebras keep their distance from the “kings palace”; while the warthogs remain confused as always!

But the hunter won’t tell you all these; because tables would turn and he would appear to be under the mercy of Mr. Lion King when in the jungle. He wants to be the hero and introducing the power and authority of Mr. Lion King in his tales would not measure up well with his high ego. So in an effort to pamper his ego and retain the title of the hero he omits all the bitter truth in all his hunting tales!

Tales about Africa have been told by many foreigners for quite a long time and the “hunters” have painted to the world the pictures they wanted the world to see. As a continent we have not taken time to tell our own narrative from an insider perspective and document the true facts about who we are. We have our own humble beginnings, struggles and success stories, but we do not take enough time to appreciate them and tell the world who we truly are.

When the hunter arrived in Africa many years ago, he found our “lions” roaming in the jungle that was flowing with milk and honey! The hunter’s greed led him to capture our strongest “lions” and he took them into slavery to help him develop his world. He did not stop at that, he also created a strong international trade route to channel the “milk and honey” from our jungle to his own land to feed his people. The hunter stole from us both our strongest lions and the best of our natural resources!

Later on as he started documenting tales about his hunting expeditions in our jungle, the hunter was filled with guilt and he was envious about our jungle. He could not come to terms with the fact that our jungle was far better than his homeland in terms of human and natural resources. We were a self-sustaining ecosystem and if we wished, we could have existed in a closed economy and still thrive and grow into a global economic power house. But the hunter could not have any of these; he decided to tell tales that would make him be the hero in order to massage his ego.

In his first paragraph, the hunter talked of a “dark continent”. Makes me wonder whether the hunter brought with him sunlight the first time he landed in our jungle! The story continues to say that; in this dark continent there lived “uncivilized people” in remote and inaccessible villages. Again a depiction of a people living in cocoons without access to anything beyond a kilometer radius from their village; yet we know of huge kingdoms and empires both in the East and West Africa that existed way before the hunter arrived. Talking of uncivilized, we had brain surgeons before the hunter came; and if we could operate on a brain, then we were a few inches away from creating our own artificial brains in form of computers!

As the tale gets lengthier, the hunter talks of a people infested with diseases, malnutrition and all other ills of a poverty stricken people. What the hunter does not tell us is that fact that he got the strongest “lions” from the same jungle to go build his own empire back in his land. He also leaves out details about how he stole natural resources from our jungle and used them to build his empire in his land. In summary, both the builders and the resources used to build the foreign empire were forcefully stolen from our jungle; which simply makes the hunter’s wealth – stolen wealth! And the hunter is very wise to leave out these details in his tales in order to hide the villain in him.

Over time the lions have come to recognize the hunter and his ill intentions. The hunter on the other hand has realized that his ill motives have been discovered and he fears the lions might be ganging up against him. He has now devised new tactics and comes in the cover of donations and lifesaving projects in times of wars which he actually finances in the first place. The cycle is well choreographed that the lions are blinded and they only get to discover it when the mess has been done again; their strong lions stolen to modern day “slavery” and their resources all gone to develop the hunter’s land. All the while the jungle continues to bleed, suffer and perennially remain to be “a third world” which hosts “developing economies” that never get to the maturity of development.

But the tide is changing – the lions are now awake and Africa is Rising! The lions have learnt how to write and now the truth about the hunting expeditions in our jungle is just about to come to light. We are living in a very interesting period in Africa’s development narrative and this transition phase will be documented by us African Youths and not by the hunter. We are taking charge of our own continent and it’s time the hunter becomes the hunted!


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