#ManderaBusAttack vs. Safaricom CCTV Contract

manderaThey say nothing is coincidental where money is involved!

Terrorism is a psychological gimmick to trigger fear in the society for economic gains at some end. Terror is meant to instill fear into people’s minds and once you feel insecure, you are obliged to accept anything that will restore your psychological peace.

As Kenyans are busy mourning the lose of lives in the Mandera bus attack, the government was busy signing the ksh. 14.9 billion contract with Safaricom for installation of CCTVs.

It’s just logical that at that moment no one would oppose such a deal since people were preoccupied moaning and demonstrating over insecurity in Kenya. No one was following what was happening behind closed doors; and as all of us did, we just found the signed deal in the news later in the day.

On the other hand, anyone who would raise alarm over the signing of the contract would be labeled an Al-shabaab sympathizer; and at the heat of the terror attack would face the wrath of all Kenyans. What an opportune moment to sign the deal?

Opinions are like the wind, thy blow to whichever direction thy wish in whichever manner they prefer. That’s why in my opinion I wonder: Was the #ManderaBusAttack just a coincidence or was it stage-managed to create a conducive environment for economic gains at some end point?


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