The First Foreign Terror Attack on Kenya

The history of terror attacks in Kenya begins with a narration of the famous Entebbe Operation by the Israeli terrorgovernment in Uganda on 4th July 1976. This was one of a kind operation that was aimed at rescuing Israeli hostages from Palestinians terrorists who had hijacked their plane and diverted its course to Entebbe Airport in Uganda.

With a motorcade similar to that of the then Ugandan president Id Amin landing at the Entebbe Airport and driving to where the hostages were held at the airport; the operation that was planned for 1 week and lasted only 53 minutes saved all the 102 hostages alive with 3 dead. The only one Israeli commando who died was Yonatan Netanyahu who was the lead commander of the operation; and the older brother of the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On the other side the Israeli commandos in a troop of 100 men managed to kill about 45 Ugandan military men and destroyed 11 Ugandan Air Force military jet fighters during the night raid.

Just how does terror on Kenyan grounds come into the picture from this operation in another country? This is how..
For the Israeli commandos to rescue the hostages from Entebbe, they needed a place to refuel their military jets. Although no country wanted to assist the Israeli government for fear of a counter attack by Id Amin’s administration; the owners of the Block Hotels in Kenya managed to convince the then president of Kenya Mzee Jomo Kenyatta to do the Israeli the favor.

Being of Jewish origin and using their political and economic influence they managed to have their wishes granted by the president. The Israeli military jets had stop overs in Kenya for refueling both when coming for the operation and after the rescue.

This then happened to be the beginning of the terror troubles for Kenya. The grudge was held for four years until 1980 when the Palestinian terrorists had their revenge on Kenya. On 31 December 1980, the Norfolk Hotel then owned by the Block Hotels with Jewish links was bombed. 13 people of different nationalities were killed while 87 others were wounded from the retaliatory attack for the Kenyan and Jewish support during the Entebbe Operation.

That attack on the Norfolk Hotel became the first foreign act of terror on Kenyan grounds and probably marked the beginning of war with the terrorists.

Click the following link to read more on the Entebbe Operation.


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