Inflation Rates: September 2013


Inflation rates went up in September 2013 by 1.62 points to stand at 8.29% from 6.67% in August 2013. CPI also went up by 1.80% from 140.29 in August 2013 to 142.82 in September 2013.

Between August and September 2013, Food and Non Alcoholic drinks’ Index increased by  2.87  per cent. The implementation of the VAT Act and seasonal factors affecting supply of common food crops were the main causes of rise in the food index. In aggregate, rises outweighed falls in the average prices of various food items.

The recreation and culture index went up by 6.62 per cent over the same period, mainly due to increases in the costs of newspapers, books and magazines among other items. Similarly, on account of notable rises in the prices of cooking gas, kerosene and other cooking fuels, the Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels’ index, rose by 0.87per cent.

Likewise, over the same review period, the Transport Index increased by 0.77per cent mainly due to increases in the public transport fares that were attributed to higher prices of petrol and diesel.

Click here for Detailed Charts

Courtesy KNBS


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