Perfect Economy Scorecard – Food & Water

We livfoode in a world of no absolutes and perfect scenarios. The reality has always proven the perfectionists wrong in different circumstances and it continues to do so even in governance and economic matters globally today. Nevertheless, I strongly feel that if some things were done in our economy, we would have a semblance of a perfect economy.

In my opinion, seven things create a perfect economy if they are well installed and implemented in an economy.

The most basic factor to consider in building a perfect economy is food. A country that cannot feed its people is a dying country; and going by the tenets of the new economic world order, such a government is not worth existing.

A people well fed are a strong people who can engage in economic activities for the country’s development. A hungry lot on the other hand is an angry lot that only engages in chaos and mischief to try and get something to quench their hunger pangs. You feed the people and you have a peaceful and cohesive nation working towards national development.

food 1Crime is an enemy of development. Countries with high crime rates globally attract only a handful number of investors who are willing to take the risk of insecurity in those countries. As much as the basic investment equation applies, –“high risk = high returns” – where crime is the cause of the high risk, the rules of the game are bent for convenience purposes.

Most crime cases in most countries can be traced back to poverty and lack of sufficient and decent meals. Crime is a trade used in most informal settlements in most developing countries to try and get something to put in the stomach by the end of the day. Were the government to play its role effectively in ensuring that every citizen affords sufficient and decent meals daily, the economic growth rate could just be overwhelming.

In essence; full stomachs = peaceful minds and people = development minded citizens = economic growth.

Closely linked with food is water; the basic source of life. Clean water both for drinking and cooking as well as water for irrigation to food 3produce food in the arid areas should be a priority in any development conscious nation. Boreholes in the arid and semi-arid areas should be treated as a matter of necessity and not as privileges extended to communities living in those areas. Water reservoirs should also be built in flood prone areas to store the excess water that can then be used for irrigation during the dry spells.

The conclusion of the matter is, any government that hopes to achieve a “Perfect Economy Status” must first ensure that all its citizens have a sufficient and decent supply of food and clean water.


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