Value Of A Friend.

images“A friend in need is a friend in deed”; so says the old adage. Most often we tend to take our friends for granted and never really take time to evaluate them and find out how valuable they are to us. Maybe just out of curiosity; what could be the market value of your best friend if they were to be listed at the stock market today?

Unlike company shares that can be valued at the stock market, friends are real assets whose value cannot be expressed in monetary terms. You can only estimate their value when in times of difficulties, everyone gives you a cold shoulder and your friend is the only person you can count on.

Friends are made and dropped along the path of life; anyway, who has managed to keep their nursery school friends till today?-Very few of course. This explains why sometimes life seems to be so void currently as compared to the good times in our past days. Ever heard of buddies talking of “old good days”? Those old good days would have never been there anyway without the friends who made them good.

Think of how life would have been without your childhood friends to play with; your teenage friends to go through the adolescence nightmare together; your youthful friends to enjoy college life with or your old age friends to remember the “old good days” with!

Almost everything we do is always tied to the opinion our friends have on it; in essence they therefore end up shaping our lives in ways we can’t be able to tell. Think of the cloths you wear, the kind of music you listen to, the kind of college you would prefer to be admitted to, the kind of house you would prefer to live in; the kind of car you would like to drive and even the neighborhood you would like to live in. if you are honest with yourself, you will discover that your choice on all these depend on what your friends say about them.images n

Personal character is also shaped to a great extent by the kind of friends one stays in company of. The Good Book tells us that “bad company ruins good morals”. An old adage too tells us that, “tell me your friend and I’ll tell you your character.” In many invisible efforts, your friends assemble for you the tools and materials you then use to build your character. The end product then depends on whether they gave you the right materials and whether the tools they availed were the best for the work of building your character.

Without your friends, you could never have learnt how to talk, walk, personal hygiene and many other small but very vital elements of your life. The person you are today you owe it to all those friends who have been around you to build and nurture you along the path of life. Take time to reflect on the many people who have contributed positively to your life and you will discover just how many friends you have.

To many, the mother is the first and always the best friend to them for the much contribution they make to their lives. To others it’s their guardians and to others some relatives of theirs. Whoever it is lets always take time to remember them and appreciate them for making us who we are; let us appreciate their value in our lives and be sure to let them know that we do.


2 thoughts on “Value Of A Friend.

  1. So true, lets take time to evaluate our friendships. Look at what impact we make in our friends lives too 🙂

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