“Scattered Trolleys Advertising” @ Shopping Malls

Today when coming to work I passed past Yaya Centre and found something uncommon.

This shopping mall being in the upmarket, order and neatness is always given a first priority considering the category of clientele they serve. However, today in the morning with all the rain that we experienced yester-night, I was shocked to find so many trolleys scattered all around the shopping mall in all the parking spaces. Both inside the compound and outside the compound, the trolleys lay there rained on and wet; while others had fallen down, probably after being hit by passers-by.

At first it occurred to me that someone was sleeping on their job and needed to be reprimanded. Another thought came to my mind that probably due to the rains, customers had left the trolleys out there in a hurry and the shopping mall staff could not get them back due to the rains.

At the point when I was passing by the last fallen trolley, something hit my mind in a flash; this could had been an advertising strategy. When I looked at all the trolleys which were thirty or about scattered out there, I t occurred to me that there must had been so many customers the previous night doing their shopping here at Yaya. The size of the trolleys being big was also suggesting that the quantity of the shopping done was large.

Being that the trolleys lay all over the place along the path-walks of the people rushing to jobs, it hit my mind that the this could be a reminder to the passers-by that this was the festive season and they needed to do some shopping.

The fact that they were there in the morning suggests that as you go to work, spare some money for shopping in the evening as you come back home so that you also be part of those to leave their trolleys out there in the evening.

The size of the trolleys was also communicating to passers-by that they need to be “loaded” to go shopping there, since they need to buy things in bulk for the Christmas season.

That the trolleys were all over and some had fallen tells you the hurry in which the large shopping was being done; therefore, you should “hurry while the stocks last“. I t also tells you that the shopping mall staff were too busy yester-night that they probably worked till late in the night that they did not have time to get the trolleys back to the shopping mall. this then assures you that you will get served at whatever time you pop in for shopping.

It might had looked disorderly seeing so many trolleys scattered outside Yaya Centre this morning; but again if it did market the services and products provided at the shopping mall in this festive season, what`s the harm with having them scattered out there daily?


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