Unemployment – Cause For Insecurity In Kenya

As I might have said in another article; despite the political reasons given for war, the underlying reason is usually economic. The fights, violence and terror attacks in various parts of Kenya including Garissa, Tana River and lately Easliegh are not exceptional.

Pose to ponder, just why should youths be out in the streets rioting and causing mayhem? One answer covers all the other excuses we might want to give for the same; lack of employment to keep them occupied and to enable them earn a living that will dispel their desperation in their current unemployed state.

This then begs the question; what is the government doing to avert this kind of violence by addressing the root cause, which is rampant unemployment among the youths?

I have listened to many politicians in their campaign trails all promising the youths job creation once they clinch power come 2013. However, am yet to here one politician who has outlined a well  set out strategy of dealing with this menace in practical terms of the act.

Probably even as this issue of insecurity is taking toll in our country, it might be a reminder to our selfish politicians that we have an idle class of youths who need to be kept busy through employment; to avoid having us tear our country apart by our selves.


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