We Don`t Need Money!

“We don’t need money!” I once a told friend and she looked at me shocked as if I had suddenly grown some horns. “What do you mean?” she asked. “What I need is what money can buy for me and not the money itself!” she still looked perplexed and therefore a discussion ensued…

Most of us are caught up in that confusion of what they really need in life; hence they end up pursuing things which do not matter in life. Think about it; you invest so much in all your lifetime. You wake up early in the morning to go look for money and come back home late after getting the money and putting it in the safe custody of your bank account.

You amass great wealth and build a great empire. Your bank accounts now swell by the ticking of the clock and no one can ascertain your net worth since it keeps changing as you breathe in and out. Finally, you get old and sickly, and as fate could have it you die still looking for more and more money. In the end, what is the gain of all your highly-pressured-fast-paced-life in pursuit of money?

Money is good and we want it in our lives, and that is how it remains to be; a want. Money has never been a need and we can do without it. All we need is what that money enables us to acquire; meaning, if I can get that good house in the city in exchange for my ancestral land in the rural area, then I do not need the money at all. If I were to rear my chicken and exchange them for clothing, where would I need money in that transaction? Talk of batter trade and money loses all its meaning!

Whatever motivates us to look for money is not usually the money itself, but what we want to acquire by using the money as a means of exchange. Imagine if you did not need food, clothes, shelter and other basic needs, would be struggling looking for money? Obviously with no current or future bills to settle, we would never need money; just like our ancestors.

The point being driven home here is; even when you are looking for money, be motivated by the right things in life. You can always enjoy life more when you measure how well you are able to acquire whatever it is that you need in life; not by how much money you have, but by how far you have satisfied your basic needs. That way life has meaning and it does not revolve around money only; which is never enough anyway…


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