The Salary Increment Comedy

“Haki yetu! Haki yetu! Haki yetu!”

In the recent past we have witnessed many of our public sector employees chanting this very common slogan on our television screens. It all seems to be a well coordinated comedy with the Finance Minister as the steering of the comedy.

I like the guts of the main actors in this small comedy; first we have the Minister for Education (Hon. Mutual kilonzo); who threatens to fire the teachers if they do not go back to their classrooms and do what they went to TTCs and universities to learn to do. The teachers led by their hero Emperor Sossion give the threats a cold shoulder and go on with the strike for three good academic weeks.

In the first scene of the comedy, the teachers win as the Minister “swallows his pride” and gives them whatever they demanded; and the package comes with an apology for inconvenience and the firing threat. This however is not cost free since the academic term had to be pushed forward. In addition, the steering has to look for other tax manipulation tactics to raise the money to pay the teachers with.

Before the first scene is over, another different scene is juxtaposed to it and it continues to Part 2 as “the doctors` strike”. The main actor here – Minister for Health (Hon. Anyang Nyong`o) – is less friendly than the first one; for him words do not threaten enough; he goes ahead and publishes the firing of the current doctors in the newspapers and advertises for their jobs.

However as fate could have it, his threats could end up simply as resounding cymbals since the doctors wishes are listened to and part of their bargain got.

The third part of the comedy, or should I call it scene 3? …has the most exciting pick of the comedy. Honorable Members of Parliament, probably in a bid to revenge for their fellow members whose efforts were overcome by the power of the citizens; “hide” themselves in Parliament at night and pass a bill that grants them hefty checks as a send-off package once their current term is over. Ksh. 2 Billion is the exact figure..

In normal circumstances, the honorable members are known to boycott important sessions when development bills and other important matters are being discussed. Bills take for as long as years to get passed in parliament; some even going beyond the preset deadlines; but this one..???

The public is not happy with the selfish way in which the members are dealing with their hard-earned money in form of taxes and an uproar results. In the print, audio and visual media, the selfish act is criticized and termed as “The Height of Impunity in Our Parliament”.  Everyone in the country listens, reads and watches this news in disbelief!

What has gotten into our MPs` heads really? …everybody wonders! This third scene of our comedy is currently playing in our Kenyan media…run and watch, listen and read about it there for free….


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