The Road To Financial Freedom – 1

Everyone wants to be financially free or should I say to be financially stable? Whatever you choose to call it does not matter, what matters is that there is a common longing that we all have as rational human beings; that of having control over our personal finances and being able to do or get what we want whenever we want to.

Having been brought up in the village and having grown up in a middle income family, I tend to have tasted the sweetness of having what you want when you want it (at least for most of the times but not always). In addition, the reality of financial struggle in acquiring the very necessities of life was all around me. In each and every day, I could see many people trying their best to make a living.

Getting a proper meal was and still is a great hurdle for many families out there; which they have to face each day. That is why at times when one talks of financial freedom, some people tend to be more skeptical about that very fact. Having grown in poverty and gotten used to the “money is had to get” mentality, many people view financial freedom and stability as an exclusive privilege of the well-to-do in the society.

But all is not lost for you whose grand parents` names are not known country wide or whose parents` names are only know to your close relatives and your immediate neighbor. I mean there is an opportunity for each and every one of us to be financially free and stable irrespective of your current social class.

The science of financial freedom isn’t like aeronautical engineering science, or some other atomic energy science. For an open mind and a willing soul, being financially free can be as easy as breathing in and out. Of course there are a few principles to adhere to here and there, but just like in music; the conventions are there, but you use your own creativity to produce harmony in your piece.

That having been said, I would like to urge you to keep an open mind when moving to the next article of this series on the road to financial freedom.


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