The London Olympics Craze

I have been following the advertisements of the London Olympics for quit sometime now and I just can’t stop being amazed! I may be the only one outdated here or something; because for real, the amount spent so far in preparation for this event is just way too much to think of as going to just one event.

They started by renovating their transport system through the upgrade of their railway systems among other infrastructural developments. The stadia were also renovated at costs way too far from the reach of many of us developing nations.

Still on matters infrastructure, they developed special estates for the participants equipped with all the luxury they may need. The media also has its place set aside from where they will be doing their thing. The security department also has their fully equipped central station from where they receive orders daily before deployment to their various work stations in and around the city; all these facilities costing nothing less than a fortune.

The wonder of it all comes when you get to know just what they have in store for the insecurity agents. If you are one of them, be warned! The organizers of this event left no stone unturned when planning for the ill-motivated fellows who might be tempted to distract the smooth flow of events during this year`s Olympics games.

From roof-top-pitched missile detectors and launchers, to 24hr war ship and choppers surveillance, to on the street 24hr patrols, you would be the dumbest individual if you even meditated about trying to bring confusion in this city. Apparently, the fate of any insecurity agent during these events is already decided. Please don’t be a victim!

The costs of hosting this year`s Olympics has by far surpassed that of all the previous years. Needless to say, it is being held in the Queen`s courtyard; and as usual, the royalty must always portray power and superiority in all they do.

Nevertheless, Britain can afford to do all these things since it is among the few countries in Europe with a somehow sound financial standing. Were it to be held in some other countries in Europe, we would have every reason to be a worried lot. Also betting on the economic impact of the cash inflow to the country from the event, Britain can justify its massive spending on the Olympics.

We however wait to see just what will be the economic impact of this whole spending, especially when the world is facing a potentially destructive recession. And by the way, after South Africa`s massive spending when hosting the football World Cup games, what impact did that have on its economy?


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