Simple Cost Cutting Techniques – 1

Ever wondered where your money goes after the second week of each month? Probably you might be wishing to know where the wings your money gets to fly away from you come from, right? Or better still, you would wish to know how to uproot the whole trunk from which the wings grow from; and thereby sleep peacefully knowing that you won`t wake up in the morning only to find your money having flown away.

Most of our finances are eaten away by some costs which we can, if willing, avoid and save away lots of our hard earned money. The day to day financial habits that we develop and nurture can either accumulate our savings, or draw us deeper into bad debts.

Think of it this way, what if you were to walk to your office each day instead of taking a matatu for that 2km-5km stretch? One, you will have saved about Ksh. 40 daily; accumulating to Ksh. 200 on a weekly basis. Again, you will be boosting your health through exercise and thereby reducing your health care expenses to degrees we can probably not account for here for now.

What of eating from your home rather than spending lots of money in restaurants? Come to think of it, you will be eating more delicious, healthy and hygienic food from the comfort of your couch. This might seem to be time consuming and some how expensive, but I would say; if you think your health is time consuming and expensive, try sickness!

Cutting down on junk will also save you lots of money. Avoid the temptation of always having something in your mouth by eating well from your house and maintaining strict non-eating intervals between meals. This gives your digestive system time to rest and perform better when you take your meals, and thus you are able to maximize the utility you get from each meal. And anyway, you are not a cow to keep on chewing cud, so avoid that cowish habit.


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