Simple Cost Cutting Techniques – 2

From our last discussion about simple cost cutting techniques, we looked into three ways of cutting costs: walking instead of boarding a matatu, eating from home instead of eating in restaurants and avoiding junk. In this continued series, we are going to further see how we can cut the wings from our money and make sure that it does not fly away from us, no sooner had we even felt it in our pockets.

Talk of talking through the mobile phones and you have most of us youths hooked up, or should I say addicted? The funny thing about it is that, some of us don’t even have a source of income of our own; we rely on our parents` money but still incur higher communications costs than them.

A simple way to go round about this issue is to diversify your communication means. You could subscribe to some data bundle cheaply like for 5 bob and then use twitter and facebook to send your messages home. On the other hand, for a more personal touch, you could subscribe to some free SMS services for like another 5 bob and get communicating all what you want to your recipients. To crown it all, you could then have about 10 bob for very important and unavoidable voice calls. Sounds mean, hmmmmmm!!! Not really, it`s a survival technique for the hustlers.

Another quick way to cut down your costs is by keeping busy to avoid much partying. We often go to parties not because we wanted to, but because we were invited and since we had nothing to do, we joined in. By the end of the day, you end up spending much money than you anticipated; since in bashes it’s all a matter of showing off and being the “outstanding one”.

These impromptu costs you can shun them were you to have a well outlined schedule for each of your days of the week, and making sure that your partying day and time is specified. Moreover, you need to have a fixed budget for having fun and be determined to work within it. Finally, you need to keep yourself busy with things that add real value to your life. If partying is one of them, I really doubt whether you will ever save any money.


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