The “Real Life”

Many a times we fail to distinguish the difference between the real life and things in our lives which support our real life. What am I talking about? Confusing hmmm?

Well, think about it this way; you clear from college with your good grades and you write a very good CV which earns you that dream job of yours. What next? You work very hard at your work place and your work is outstanding. The manger notes your efforts and through performance appraisal, the promotion comes knocking. There you are, climbing up the corporate ladder with all vigor and enthusiasm.

As this “success” wave sways you through the waves of corporate popularity and recognition, something develops without your knowledge. You get too much involved with your career until all other things besides your career make no sense to you. Mind you, this career thing is so sweet since positive efforts are recognized and rewarded generously. As the rewards increase, so do you increase your efforts and the time spent doing your job.

What follows next is that your career becomes your life and everything else is subordinated to it; including your spouse, children, siblings and your rich community of friends. Your once wide social network of family and friends is reduced to a few folks with whom you share the `career syndrome`. But you never get to know what you are really missing; the big car, big apartment, high level meetings in big hotels and in-and-out of the country business trips tend to blind you all the more.

It is not until the stress associated with this kind of lifestyle gets too much to bear that you then realize what you have been lacking in your life – the real life. It is then that you get to appreciate the intimate hug from your spouse, the innocent smile from your children and the jovial chat with your buddies.

Again, what am I saying? What am saying is, beside your career, you have a real life to live. A life where you have time for your family and friends; a life where you have time for religion and other social activities; a life where you find the true meaning of happiness; a life away from your career!

Careers are good and that is why we even go to school in the first place. However, our careers should only be the supporting pillars of our real lives and not the prime focus our lives. But we often go wrong when we take things in the reverse order; focusing too much on our careers at the expense of our joy and happiness individually, as family members and even as members of our communities.

Bottom line: we are social beings; let not our careers separate us from the real joy and happiness of the real life we should be enjoying.


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