Coca-cola – The Coke Saga

A recent study of the coca-cola drink ingredient produced some alarming results. Could we be drinking ourselves carcinogens daily at our happiest moments with friends and families when taking the coke? Carcinogens are cancer causing agents. Simply put, anything causing cancer is what is given this big name; `carcinogen`.

Lab tests done by a nonprofit watchdog group by the name Centre for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in the United States confirmed that a key ingredient of coke – the caramel coloring – is an animal carcinogen. They also said that the levels in which it is found in the coke we drink could be harmful and could lead to cancer. However, those allegations have been highly fought by the coca-cola company and it is rumored that the company intends to lower the level of this, 4-methylimidazole (4-MI) chemical in their product.

That 4-MI is carcinogenic is out of question as per now. The major problem now is the level in which it is added into the drinks that we so happily partake, and the coke company is doing well in defending itself.

However, this raises another issue with regard to their secret formulae with which they produce this famous drink called coca-cola. What else don’t we know about what we are drinking? Probably one would say that even the milk we drink we do not know how it is prepared inside the cow because we never get inside the udder to monitor the process. And come to think of it; how do you explain how green fodder produces white milk? Anyway, that explanation could not take a biology professor ten minutes to explain.

That aside, coca-cola still maintains their secret coke formulae in deep secret that at times people get skeptical and unearthing the facts always proves futile. Talk of protecting intellectual property and formulae!

Looking at this whole issue keenly, probably there might be some truth in CSPI`s claims. On the other hand, it could also be a plan to taint the coca-cola brand reputation. For the second possibility, I doubt if it could succeed. Coca-cola has been around the world for about 125 years and their solid brand could take equally those years or even more to tarnish.

But all said and done, 4-MI, the coloring ingredient of the coca-cola drink is carcinogenic taken in large amounts. The big question then is; how much is too much, and is it too much in the coke you drink?

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