Personal Finance

Personal finance involves the various things that affect our lives at the individual or family level on matters concerning money. It is a process and not a one stop thing that you do in a day and then forget about it. It takes time and deliberate effort to plan your personal finances and live a happy life within your means.

In personal finance, it`s not a matter of just making money and spending it; but it`s about you choosing the kind of lifestyle you want to live and then getting the necessary financial resources and managing them to help you live that life that you have chosen.

Personal finance entails sources of income which are mainly the various forms of investments at the disposal of an individual or a family. The various investments include: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, savings accounts, government papers e.t.c.

It also entails management of your income taxes, retirement benefit plans funds, social security funds e.t.c. In addition, it entails your personal financial and physical security through insurance schemes like: life insurance, health insurance, property insurance e.t.c.

Moreover, personal finance entails personal debt management whereby you get to learn how to put your debts within the safe brackets, or how to eliminate and avoid them totally.

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